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Welcome to the home page of Access Downunder, an Australian Company, trading in top quality Processed Foods, especially Australian and New Zealand processed foods under leading brand labels, including our own "Monash" brand label, household consumer products and hosiery.

We welcome you to this our "virtual export supermarket" for buyers around the world looking to source quality, clean food products, in retail, foodservice and industrial pack sizes, for export from Australia and New Zealand.

We also offer buyers in Australia and around the world a wide range of very competitively priced premium quality hosiery products of leading national brands. We supply direct in Australia by mail order to consumers, businesses, clubs, institutions, schools, hotels, etc., and to importers, supermarket chains, wholesalers and consumers worldwide.

We specialise in, and stock a wide range of stylish, comfortable, durable support/health hosiery for women and men, including specially designed therapeutic support knee high socks, opaque and ultra sheer support knee high & thigh high stay-up stockings and waist high support pantihose with medically effective graduated compression to help promote blood circulation in the legs and keep legs healthy longer. We supply special hosiery products designed to assist diabetics and people with leg health problems, such as varicose veins, to help relieve tired, aching legs, help treat venous & lymphatic conditions and help prevent swelling of feet, ankles and legs and help prevent Traveller's thrombosis, particularly during air, train or automobile journeys lasting several hours.

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