Grocery, Household and Monash Brand Products for Export

Our Grocery and Monash product lines require you to receive a quotation from us first.

Please note that these products are for our EXPORT overseas markets outside Australia. Various minimum order quantities may apply to product lines for export shipments. These order quantities will be indicated in our quotations.

Thank you for your interest in Access Downunder and the products we offer from Australia.

On requesting a quotation you will be presented with a series of screens requesting the information we need to provide you with the information you require. The steps you are required to complete are:

  1. Select a product category,
  2. Select the products you require by entering a number in the "Quantity" field - this is the No. of Cartons Required,
  3. When you have finished your selections you will be returned to the product category list,
  4. Select furthur product categories if required,
  5. When you have finished you will be presented with a summary of your request,
  6. Check the quotation summary page,
  7. Enter your name and address details,
  8. Click "submit" if it is correct,
  9. You will receive confirmation that your request for a quotation has been forwarded to us.

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