Fashion Hosiery with Leg Support.

Graduated Compression Leg Support
Pantihose, Stockings and Socks

Sizes available in Average, Tall & Extra Tall unless specified.
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Further Information : The benefits of graduated compression support hosiery

Body Stylers Sheer Relief

Body Stylers Sheer Relief*
Small size also available

Sheer support with LycraŽ that shapes your legs all day long.   Cushion sole for comfort & durability with reinforced heel and toe. Regular brief with cotton gusset. Extra tall size has extra panel for extra comfort. 20 denier leg. Graduated compression (7mm Hg pressure at ankle). SanitizedŽ for freshness.
70% Nylon 30% LycraŽ


Body Stylers Sheers

Body Stylers Sheers*

Body Stylers Sheers provide health and beauty for active legs.  With Graduated Leg Support.  40 denier control top and 20 denier leg.  Graduated compression (8mm Hg at ankle).  Ultra sheer look.  Reinforced toe.  Cotton blend comfort gusset.  Elasticised waist band. SanitizedŽ.
80% Nylon 20% LycraŽ

Sheer Relief

Sheer Relief*

Sheer support with LycraŽ for style and fit. Cotton gusset and a reinforced toe and heel. Extra tall size has extra panel for extra comfort. The choice of Qantas Flight Attendants for comfort and durability. 20 denier leg. Graduated compression (7mm Hg pressure at ankle). SanitizedŽ for freshness.
70% Nylon 30% LycraŽ


Body Stylers Support Knee High

Body Stylers Support Knee High*
One size fits all

Gradient leg support (7mm Hg at ankle).  Sanitised for freshness.   Wide comfort band.  30 denier leg with 20 denier appearance.  Cushioned sole and reinforced toe. SanitizedŽ.
89% Nylon 11% LycraŽ

Sculpt It

Sculpt It! *
Small size also available

Body sculpting pantihose for a sleek slim look. Graduated support keeps legs healthy & looking good. Graduated compression (8mm Hg pressure at ankle). Reinforced toe. 70 Denier control-top stomach, waist bottom and thigh support. Double covered LycraŽ for comfort, fit and durablity.

JOBST Medical Leg Wear
Offers you medically effective compression for your legs without sacrificing comfort, health or style. Looks like fine fashion hosiery. Incorporates physician recommended gradient compression.
Compression ratings are expressed in mm Hg (mercury) mean compression at the ankle for an average ankle size. (Sometimes the compression rating is expressed as a "Compression No. or factor" e.g. Compression No. 10 = 10mm Hg at the ankle.

CLASS 1 : Moderate compression (15-20mmHg) rating is recommended for effective management of pain and discomfort of tired, aching legs, minor ankle, leg and foot swelling & minor varicosis (varicose veins).

CLASS II : Firm Compression (20-30mmHg)  &
CLASS III : Extra Firm Compression (30-40mmHg) to help specific venous and lymphatic conditions as recommended and prescribed by physicians. Higher compression levels are indicated for increased severity of conditions.


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Jobst Ultra Sheer

JOBST Ultra Sheer
Medical LegWear

Fine fashion hosiery that firms and shapes while promoting relief from tired, aching legs and light varicose veins.  

Medically effective graduated compression (15-20mm Hg pressure at ankle). 

Also available in 20-30mmHg.

Medically effective.

Jobst Opaque

JOBST Opaque
Medical LegWear

Medically effective gradient compression (15-20 mmHg at ankle) promotes continuous relief from tired aching legs, minor ankle, leg and foot swelling, minor varicosis (varicose veins).

Medically effective.

Jobst for Men

JOBST forMen
Medical LegWear

Fine quality dress socks that promote continuous relief from tired, aching legs and varicose veins. 

Medically effective gradient compression (15-20mmHg) to improve blood flow and help prevent swelling.

Medically effective.

    JOBST Support Socks Features:

  • Moderated graduated compression for firm, comfortable, non-restricting support.
  • Compression (counter pressure) gradually decreases toward the top of the sock.
  • Bubble toe assures freedom of movement.
  • Heel pocket provides a good fit and reduces wear.
  • Static resistant and lint free.
  • Machine washable.
  • Non-constricting "stayup" top.


* Trademarks of Kolotex Australia.
ŽLycra is DuPont's trademark name for its Elastane fibre.

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