Fashion Hosiery.

Sizes available in Average, Tall and Extra Tall unless specified.
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Sheer and Silky Shadow Brief

Sheer & Silky
Shadow Brief.*

Sheer durable 15 denier leg with LycraŽ. 20 Denier shadow brief. Cotton belnd comfort gusset and reinforced toe.
83% Nylon 17% LycraŽ

Sheer and Silky Control Brief

Sheer & Silky
Control Brief.*

Sheer durable 15 denier leg with LycraŽ for added comfort and durability, 40 denier control brief, comfort gusset and reinforced toe.
89% Nylon 21% LycraŽ

Sheer and Silky Broads

Sheer & Silky Broads*
Sizes: Short & Tall - Larger Figure

15 denier leg with LycraŽ, cotton gusset, reinforced toe, and an additional back panel for extra comfort. Can be worn back to front for maternity use.
91% Nylon 9% LycraŽ

Kolotex Firm and Flatter

Firm N Flatter*

15 denier leg, 30 denier LycraŽ ribbed control brief. Reinforced toe and cotton gusset. Comfort top band.
90% Nylon 10% LycraŽ

Kolotex Flirts Sheer to Waist

Sheer to Waist.*

Put some fun in your day with Kolotex Sheer to Waist Flirts. 100% nylon. Wonderfully sheer, with a reinforced toe and cool comfort gusset. 15 denier leg.

 Kolotex Silk Reflections Comfort Brief

Silk Reflections
Comfort Brief*

A sheer 15 denier leg with LycraŽ. Reinforced toe. 30 denier comfort brief with comfort gusset for a slim silhouette.A silky feel and a sensational look.
85% Nylon 15% LycraŽ

Voodoo Sheer to Waist

Sheer to Waist.*

Beautiful Ultra sheer pantihose. 15 denier leg with LycraŽ for fit and comfort. Cool comfort gusset and reinforced toe. Special 10cm waistband.
87% Nylon 13% LycraŽ

Voodoo Firm Control Brief Voodoo Firm Control Brief.*

Features 70 denier control brief for firm bofy support and a slimmer silhoutte, 15 denier leg, cool comfort gusset and reinforced toe.Ultra sheer shiny finish.
82% Nylon 18% LycraŽ


Kolotex Sixes Sheer Knee High

Sheer Knee High.*
One size fits all

15 Denier, Comfort top band, Reinforced toe. 100% nylon.

Pack contains six sheer knee hi's.

Kolotex Stay Ups

Stay-Ups. *
Small, Average & Tall

No suspender, thigh high stockings will stay up all day. Unique top band that stays up with no pressure. 15 denier 100% nylon leg with reinforced toe.

Silk Reflections Opaque Knee Hi's
One size fits all

Soft opaque knee highs in 70 denier with LycraŽ. A silky feel, comfortable fit & a fully opaque silhouette. Long lasting.  Has a plain toe with a comfort top band.  3D Lycra for comfort, fit and durability.   Soft velvety finish.
80% Nylon 20% LycraŽ

Thigh High Stay Ups Opaque
Small, Average & Tall

70 denier tigh high stay ups.  Run resistant toe.  Non-constricting.   Lace mesh stay up band.
90% Nylon 20% LycraŽ

Winter Tights

Kolotex Silk Reflections Opaque Tights

Silk Reflections Opaque Tights*
Small size also available

70 denier opaque tights with LycraŽ for unique stretch and fit for comfort and style.
80% Nylon 20% LycraŽ

School Opaque Tights*

70 denier opaque tights with a satin finish & comfortable soft stretch. Cotton gusset and run-resistant toe.
93% Nylon 7% LycraŽ

Broads Opaque Tights*
Size Short or Tall - Larger Figure

Sheer & Silky collection in 70 denier with LycraŽ for fit & comfort. It has an added back panel designed for extra comfort. Can be worn back to front as a maternity garment.
91% Nylon 9%LycraŽ

* Trademarks of Kolotex Australia.
ŽLycra is DuPont's trademark name for its Elastane fibre.

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