The Benefits of Graduated Compression
Support Hosiery.

People interested in the maintenance of energetic healthy legs should wear support hosiery that provide medically effective gradient (graduated) compression to their legs to help their legs look and feel good.

If you spend long periods standing or sitting (e.g. on long flights), specially designed support hosiery with medically effective gradient compression will:

Graduated Compression Support Hosiery helps return blood from the lower legs back to the heart by gently applying a measured amount of compression to the legs, thereby compressing the leg muscles, which gently squeeze the veins and help push the blood more easily in the right direction.

Graduated compression ensures counter pressure (the "squeeze") is greatest at the ankle (where blood pools because of the law of gravity) and gradually decreases progressively up the leg. This action helps accelerate the movement of blood back up through the veins and to the heart, thus assisting circulation.

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This action has two positives:

Short term effect

Long term effect

The specially designed, medically effective Graduated Compression Support Hosiery products we offer are recommended by physicians to help prevent and relieve the discomfort of:

They are especially beneficial and recommended for people in occupations involving long periods of standing or sitting, and for adults, regardless of age, during journeys by air, train or automobile lasting several hours. (Please refer to the article on Traveller’s thrombosis in our "Articles of Interest" section).


Other JOBST Ready-To-Wear Compression Support Hosiery

In addition to the moderate compression support hosiery products we stock, as detailed above, we can also supply, on request, the following firm and extra firm graduated compression hosiery which we order in:

JOBST UltraSheer Beige or Black support hosiery in knee length or thigh length stay-ups stockings and pantihose (including Maternity) styles, with Firm (20-30 mm Hg) or Extra Firm (30-40 mm Hg) compression levels.

Beige support stockings in knee length or thigh length styles with Firm (18-25 mm Hg) or Extra Firm (25 – 35 mm Hg) compression levels with open or closed toe; thigh length waist attachment (chaps style); open toe pantihose with Extra Firm (25-35 mm Hg) compression; and open toe Maternity pantihose with Extra Firm (25-35 mm Hg) compression.

Beige open toe support stockings in knee length with zipper, thigh length, thigh length waist attachment (chaps) and pantihose with Extra Firm (30-40 mm Hg) compression and Beige open toe stockings in knee length with zipper with Extra Firm (40-50 mm Hg) compression.

Every JOBST Medical LegWear product has a specific compression rating designed to help specific venous and lymphatic conditions:


Moderate compression (15-20 mm Hg): Tired, aching legs, minor ankle, leg and foot swelling, minor varicosis, minor varicosis during pregnancy

Firm compression (20-30 mm Hg): Tired, aching legs, moderate to severe varicosis, moderate to severe varicosis during pregnancy, post vein surgery, post sclerotherapy, moderate tendency of edema, superficial thrombophlebitis, helps prevent recurrence of ulcerations.

Extra Firm compression (30-40mm Hg): Severe varicose veins, lymphatic edema, post sclerotherapy/post vein surgery, venous ulcers, manages manifestations of PTS and manifestations of CVI/CVD, helps prevention of post thrombotic syndrome, orthostatic hypotension.

*These are only suggested compression ranges. The treating medical practitioner depending upon the presenting condition should determine actual compression.


JOBST Medical LegWear SHOULD NOT BE WORN and is contraindicated if you have any of the following conditions:

CAUTIONS: Consult your physician for advice if you have or experience:


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