Grocery - Dry

Continental Cup-a-Soup (Regular) 
Product Pack Size Pack type 
Cream of Chicken 24x4's carton
Hearty Beef 24x4's carton
Chicken Noodle 24x4's carton
Pea & Ham 24x4's carton
Spring Vegetable 24x4's carton
Tomato 24x4's carton
Cream of Mushroom 24x4's carton
Cream of Celery 24x4's carton
Chicken & Vegetable 24x4's carton
Creamy Corn  24x4's carton
Hot'n Spicy Tomato 24x4's carton
Thai Creamy Chicken  12x2's carton
Indonesian Tomato & Beef 12x2's carton
Chinese Chicken & Sweet Corn  12x2's carton
Singaporean Golden Vegetable 12x2's carton 
Garden Potato & Leek 12x2's carton 
Country Chicken & Onion 12x2's carton 
Continental Packet Soup International Varieties 
Product Pack Size Pack type 
Thai Chicken & Mushroom 24's carton
Malaysian Chicken & Coconut 24's carton 
American Creamy Corn  24's carton 
Mexican Chicken & Tomato 24's carton
Italian Tomato Oregano & Basil 24's carton
Indian Mild Korma curry  24's carton 
Hungarian Beef Goulash 24's carton
Chinese Vegetable 24's carton 

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