1. All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars unless otherwise stated in our quotation/invoice.

2. Our CIF quotations include Marine Insurance cover for the CIF value of the shipment plus 10% against All Risks of Loss or Damage including War and Strikes as per the standard Institute Clauses applying and current at the date of shipment. Cover for the CIF value plus a percentage higher that 10% can be arranged subject to an extra premium on buyer’s account.

3. Prices quoted are valid firm for the period specified in our quotation(s) and thereafter are to be considered indicative and subject to our final confirmation.

4. All orders should please be in multiples of the minimum order quantity per item where such a minimum order quantity is stated.

5. Assorted compatible products or varieties of the same products, where required, can be included on pallets (i.e. LCL shipments) or in containers (i.e. FCL shipments).

6. Shipments will be effected against confirmed irrevocable without recourse Documentary Letters of Credit (hereinafter referred to as L/Cs) payable at sight unless otherwise specified in our offers.

7. L/C to be valid for sixty (60) days permitting part shipment, transhipment and shipment from any Australian port unless otherwise specified in our offer.

8. L/C to nominate, where possible, the Hongkong Bank of Australia Limited, 99 William Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia, (Fax: 61 3 9618 3777) as the preferred advising bank in Melbourne, or the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Level 15, 385 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3001, Australia, (Fax: 61 3 9675.6557).

9. Buyer to advise by fax: (a) date L/C opened and whether advised by telex or airmail; (b) the name and branch of the buyer’s bank which opened the L/C; (c) the name, address and telephone number of the advising bank in Melbourne.

10. The L/C must please permit:

11. L/C shall not specify any shipping marks and numbers. The shipping marks and numbers at supplier’s option shall be applied to the cargo in respect of LCL shipments.

12. All offers are made subject to crop and pack and availability of stock at the time of receipt of L/C by the seller.

13. All bank charges outside Australia and all bank charges for confirming L/Cs are on buyer’s account.

14. All charges for preshipment inspections and/or quality certification by SGS or similar Inspection Authorities other than the Inspection Authorities of the Commonwealth Government of Australia are on buyer’s account.

15. The fulfulment of sales contracts is subject to the usual conditions of ‘Force Majeure’ including riots, strikes, civil commotion, fire or any other reason for non-delivery which is outside the control of the seller and the seller will not be liable to the buyer(s) for any loss or damage.


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